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Horror Bulletin 1 [eBook]

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A Full Month of Horror!

This book includes full synopses and commentary on twenty full-length films and four short films. Everything we covered in the month of September 2021 on our site and podcast is included here. Horror Bulletin is a new publication, releasing each month and containing all the reviews that you’re used to every month, plus some bonus, additional reviews, that are exclusive to this publication.

Inside this month’s issue:

October 2021 Issue

I. Movie Reviews

2021 The Boy Behind the Door
2021 HorrorTales.666 Part 2
2020 Lucky
2020 Cadaver
2020 Stay out of the F**king Attic
2017 The Ritual
2016 Southbound
2014 As Above, So Below
2010 Insidious
2010 A Nightmare on Elm Street
2008 The Strangers
1999 The Haunting
1985 Return of the Living Dead
1979 Nosferatu, The Vampyre
1977 Count Dracula
1968 Rosemary’s Baby
1963 Black Sabbath
1963 Day of the Triffids
1963 The Haunting
1951 The Thing from Another World

II. Short Film Reviews

2021 The Study
2021 Mime
2021 Animals
2021 Making Friends
2012 Suckablood

III. Word Search
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