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Horror Bulletin 18 [eBook]

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Horror Bulletin Monthly March 2023 (#18)

This listing is for the eBook version of this edition-- to pick up the paperback version, go to either Amazon or Lulu and order there!

The newest issue of the Horror Bulletin Monthly includes reviews of everything we reviewed last month-- a film each day! As always, we look at a wide range of films, from the distant past to the newest releases. This time, we did a full week of “Disaster films of the 70s” and another of “Man vs. Nature: Nature Wins.” We really liked all these films, but some were better than others.

Each of the films contains a complete synopsis of the film, including spoilers (so beware!), as well as our commentary on the quality of the story and how well it holds up for viewers today.

Part I. Movie Reviews

1959 Cult of the Cobra

1962 Mondo Cane

1970 Airport

1972 The Poseidon Adventure

1974 The Towering Inferno

1974 Earthquake

1974 Airport 1975

1979 Meteor

1971 Beast of the Yellow Night

1972 Deliverance

1980 Friday the 13th

1981 Friday the 13th Part 2

2004 Open Water

2005 Constantine

2007 Rec

2010 Frozen

2013 Devil's Pass

2014 Tusk

2014 Backcountry

2022 Fall

2022 The Lair

2023 Disquiet

2023 M3Gan

Part II. Short Film Reviews

2023 Short Film: Death and the Winemaker

2023 Short Film: Esther

2023 Short Film: Givertaker

2023 Short Film: Nice to Finally Meet You

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