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Horror Bulletin 23 [eBook]

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The newest issue of the Horror Bulletin Monthly includes reviews of everything we reviewed last month-- a film each day! This month, we did two theme weeks-- “Serial Killer Week” and “Funny Zombie Week” among our usual collection of old and new films. 

Each of the films contains a complete synopsis of the film, including spoilers (so beware!), as well as our commentary on the quality of the story and how well it holds up for viewers today.

Movie Reviews

1940 The Devil Bat

1944 The Uninvited

1958 Monster on the Campus

1963 Atragon

1976 The Little Girl Who Lived Down the Lane

1986 Henry: Portrait of a Serial Killer

1989 Warlock

1993 Warlock II: The Armageddon

1995 Seen

2001 Dagon

2002 28 Days Later

2004 Shaun of the Dead

2007 28 Weeks Later

2007 Timecrimes

2008 Zodiac

2009 The Collector

2009 Zombieland

2010 I Saw the Devil

2013 Warm Bodies

2016 Pride and Prejudice and Zombies

2017 The Killing of a Sacred Deer

2018 Overlord

2019 Zombieland: Double Tap

2021 Hollywood in the Atomic Age - Monsters!..

2023 Mad Heidi

2023 65

Short Film Reviews

2023 Short Film: Flat

2023 Short Film: Worth the Weight

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