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Horror Bulletin 12 [eBook]

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The TWELFTH issue of the Horror Guys Monthly review digest, Horror Bulletin, includes reviews of thirty-one full-length films and horror shorts-- one each day this month.

Each of the films contains a complete synopsis of the film, including spoilers (so beware!), as well as our commentary on the quality of the story and how well it holds up for viewers today.

Part One: Movie Reviews
1943 I Walked with a Zombie
1944 The Soul of a Monster
1951 Bud Abbott and Lou Costello Meet the Invisible Man
1953 Abbott and Costello Meet Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde
1955 Abbott And Costello Meet The Mummy
1957 The Monolith Monsters
1959 The Tingler
1973 Ganja & Hess
1973 The Creeping Flesh
1974 Frankenstein and the Monster from Hell
1979 Salem’s Lot
1996 Tales from the Crypt: Bordello of Blood
2002 Tales from the Crypt: Ritual
2009 Halloween II
2009 Orphan
2012 The Woman in Black
2018 Achoura
2018 Halloween
2020 Bloody Hell
2021 The Innocents
2022 Glorious
2022 Guilt
2022 Moloch
2022 NYX 2022 13 Minutes
2022 Orphan: First Kill
2022 Prey
2022 What Josiah Saw 

Part Two: Short Film Reviews

2019 Short Film: Karaoke Night
2022 Short Film: Brackish
2022 Short Film: Tech Savvy
2022 Short Film: The Puppeteer
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