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About Brian Schell

I live in Flint, Michigan and I am an author, currently writing the “Horror Guys” guides, the “Tales to Make You Shiver” series, and tons of how-to technology books.

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Note: All the links on this site are to purchase EBOOKS directly from me. I don't (yet) sell paperbacks direct. All paperback sales are handled through either Amazon or Lulu-- just click on the eBook listings below and follow the link to the appropriate site.

Tales to Make You Shiver Volume 1 [eBook]


The Five-Minute Buddhist’s Buddhism Quick Start Guide [eBook]

The Five-Minute Buddhist Returns: Apply Buddhist Principles to Your Life [eBook]


The Five-Minute Buddhist Meditates: Getting Started in Meditation the Simple Way [eBook]


The Five-Minute Buddhist: Getting Started in Buddhism the Simple Way [eBook]


Teaching and Learning in Japan: An English Teacher Abroad [eBook]


Horror Bulletin 21 [eBook]


Horror Bulletin 20 [eBook]


Horror Bulletin 19 [eBook]


Horror Bulletin 18 [eBook]


Horror Bulletin 17 [eBook]


Horror Bulletin #016 [eBook]


Horror Bulletin #015 [eBook]


Horror Bulletin #014 [eBook]


Horror Bulletin #013 [eBook]


Horror Bulletin #012 [eBook]


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