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The Horror Guys Guide to the Horror Films of Vincent Price [eBook]

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The Price of Horror!

“Stay up a bit, who knows? The next time you go to sleep it might be forever.“ —Vincent Price “The Tingler” 1955

From 1938 to 1993, Vincent Price terrified audiences and also made them laugh, often at the same time. No other actor has ever encapsulated the pure fun of scary movies the way he did. He had dozens of campy, charming, over-the-top villain roles where he delighted fans with his wicked ways. Some of his villains were dead serious, while others were comedic gold. Interspersed with the fearsome films were comedies, romances, musicals, and even a few action hero roles. He was tremendously versatile, but we’re here to look at his horror films. All of them.

This is not a Vincent Price biography. What the books does do is go through each and every one of Price’s horror films, going through a complete synopsis, including spoilers and commentary. We’ll look at Price’s characters shift from young, romantic leads to murderous psychopaths to lovable old men. We’ll look at his own favorites, the good, the bad, and the couple of films he regretted doing.

Although Price is best known for his horror films, only about twenty percent of his screen credits were in the horror genre. I scoured his filmography and came up with 43 full-length films that truly count as horror and then watched them all. In addition, we’ll look at seven other important Price films that aren’t horror, including his first starring role, his final film, his favorite non-horror role, and a few others. If you love Vincent Price’s horror, we’ll cover them all here.

Did you miss a few growing up? I did. This is your chance to catch up!

“I sometimes feel that I’m impersonating the dark unconscious of the whole human race. I know this sounds sick, but I love it.” —Vincent Price
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