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Writing and Self-Publishing Your Book with an iPad [eBook]

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Yes, you can write a book and self-publish it worldwide using only your iPad.

Pick up the Paperback Edition from either Lulu or Amazon

In this book, we'll go over the reasons why you might want to write your book on an iPad, and then we'll look at the various models of iPad and decide which is right for your needs.

We'll look at optional and recommended accessories, everything from just a bare iPad up to a full desktop setup with monitor, mouse, and external drives. What will work and what won't?

Next, we'll look at the various software tools you'll use. Yes, we'll look at numerous word processors and text editors, but there are also outlining and mind-mapping tools as well as graphics apps for use with cover design. We'll look into which apps export into the formats you'll need for both a print books and ebooks.

Lastly, we'll look at the process of publishing worldwide on all the major bookselling platforms.
You will get the following files:
  • PDF (5MB)
  • EPUB (4MB)
  • EPUB (2MB)

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