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Horror Bulletin 17 [eBook]

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Horror Bulletin Monthly February 2023

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The newest issue of the Horror Bulletin Monthly includes reviews of everything we reviewed last month-- a film each day!

Each of the films contains a complete synopsis of the film, including spoilers (so beware!), as well as our commentary on the quality of the story and how well it holds up for viewers today.

Movie Reviews

1962 La Jetée

1971 The Andromeda Strain

1976 Who Can Kill a Child

1977 Rabid

1979 The Brood

1990 A Cat in the Brain

1995 12 Monkeys

2009 Pontypool

2011 Contagion

2019 Sator

2022 A Wounded Fawn

2022 Hatching

2022 Hypochondriac

2022 Nanny

2022 Nocebo

2022 Paralysis

2022 Sissy

2022 Soft & Quiet

2022 Something in the Dirt

2022 The Apology

2022 The Menu

2022 We're All Going to the World's Fair

2022 You Are Not My Mother

2023 Bermuda Island

2023 There's Something Wrong with the Children

Short Film Reviews

Short Film: From Where it Hides (2022)

Short Film: The Door (2023)

Short Film: The Plague (2019)

Short Film: Who's Hungry (2009)

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