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Old-Time Radio Listener’s Guide to Box 13 [eBook]

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Dan Holiday is a former journalist who now writes mystery books for a living. When he runs into writer’s block, he comes up with the bright idea of placing an ad in the Star Times. “Adventure wanted. Will go anywhere, do anything. Write Box 13 c/o Star Times” Over the course of the series, Dan gets many responses.

That’s the premise of the syndicated radio show “Box 13” from the late 1940s, starring Alan Ladd as Dan Holiday. Each week, someone writes to Box 13, and Dan gets involved in some sort of adventure, usually a mystery or crime of some sort.

This book is a listener’s guide to the series. We will take a careful look at all 52 of the original stories from a listener’s point of view, including complete synopses and reviews with comments. The book includes links to hear the episodes (free of charge online from, and the idea is to listen to the original episodes as you read through the book. If you enjoy short mystery and adventure fiction, this is a great find— there are stories involving mine shafts, racetrack scams, murderous practical jokes, serial psychopaths, and murder plots aplenty. If you are anything at all like the author, you loved listening to mystery stories as a child, and now you can do it again… with Box 13.
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